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    • The interest based ads model has worked reasonably well for Reddit, but it wasn't enough to fully solve their revenue issues. Reddit Gold and Cake...Frosting?..seem like a reasonable premium model

      Fascinating, Chris. I have loved Reddit for years and probably spend 20 minutes there every day, but I haven't known how their revenue streams work other than I like Gold and no ads.

      My understanding in speaking to advertisers is they have been worried that Reddit isn't brand safe because of all the controversies.

      @thomashawk , we are rolling out a subscription service on my motorcycle forum, Adventure Rider, and fingers crossed. No ads is the main benefit. We're hearing positive things but we will see what percent of users sign up.

    • I haven't seen it on Reddit either and I'm not sure why. I think starting a new subreddit is hard and 95% of them never get traction. We're hoping starting a new topic is easy enough. We're seeing people do that and invite people they know to it, so we're hopeful.

    • Holy crap. I just realized after all this time that the arrow next to the "Replying to" box expands into the full quoted comment. #UIFail. :D That certainly makes it easier to keep track of what I'm responding to, to @thomashawk 's point.

      I have a ridiculously high karma on Reddit (no, I won't reveal my username), and have been an active user since the Digg 2.0 debacle (another promising community shot through the heart by not understanding the mechanics of online communities). I've watched it go from Spez and Kn0thing's playground for nerds to a global community serving a billion pageviews a month, and I think there are a lot of lessons to be learned from their evolution during that time. Perhaps even more so than Facebook, if quality conversation is part of your product's mission.

    • I had an option of threaded or flat on Adventure Rider for years and it seemed like technical people who used sites like Reddit liked threaded, but we didn't have many of them on ADV so we eventually dropped the option. It had less than 10% usage there, I guessed because motorcyclists weren't too savvy and they tended to get lost in the threading.

      My intuition makes me feel they work better when there is a post with comments, but not as well when it's a conversation and you want to follow it from start to end.

    • Holy crap. I just realized after all this time that the arrow next to the "Replying to" box expands into the full quoted comment. #UIFail. :D

      There is a tricky little shortcut you see @yaypie and I using: if you highlight some text in the post you're replying to, we will automatically highlight that snippet as you see above ๐Ÿ‘†.

      I believe you with Reddit learnings. Can I call? I just sent you a friend request on Facebook because we haven't built private messaging yet (too many things!).

    • Over the years as we've created subforums we watched the arc go from hard-to-get-traction ==> positive network effects ==> awesomeness ==> it's getting hard to keep up and it's getting noisy in here ==> it's getting impersonal, who are these n00bs? ==> oh look, here come the spammers and trolls.

      I'm not sure exactly where it belongs, but you left out "what ever happened to ...." or "why did so-and-so stop posting", etc. I think that comes before the "who are these n00bs".

    • yes trustee at RIT. Great grads in CS. I joined GM as you were leaving - headed up Portico etc. we met when you were already growing fatbrain. We need a Cake. Love you are attacking the problem.

    • Yes, not to over dramatize, but I do think the world needs what we hope Cake will become, badly. We can't screw this up because so much is at stake, at least that's what I believe.

    • I'm impressed by the amount of engagement you've enjoyed here already!

      As a student of app success, I'm both very happy to see the lucid options like outlinking so simply in text and recognize that disadvantage of concern for user over growth.

      Facebook doesn't allow this for the very self-serving purpose of keeping you on platform.

      The option feels very much more like Medium. And, I like that.

      The bottom line is, there's never one monolithic permanent solution to any need.

      Facebook is the biggest social media platform today. But, we long for something outside the monoculture. The internet is designed to be free. Options make it more so!

    • Interesting to see some familiar faces from the last 7 years right here in this conversation. A well written long form article too,which I agree with in most parts.

      Social has lost its luster across the board, through no ones fault but its own self inflicted abuse.

      Not sure cake can bring back the things that matter as far as publishing and consumption goes, but the established alternatives certainly won't.

      Anyway, hello to the familiar people.
      And for all of you, keep the publishing pace low now ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‹๏ธโ€โ™‚๏ธ

    • I'm just finding out about Cake right now and it couldn't come at a better time. With the sad demise and eventual shutdown of my beloved Google+, I'm looking for something different and better than current offerings. Maybe I'll write my farewell to my Android and Tech followers from Google+ over here on Cake.

    • Thanks, Jason. It doesn't feel like a winner-take-all market to me and I think that's good for all of us, no? Facebook is good for keeping up with friends and family but I get the feeling that it degraded a little when they decided they also wanted to be Twitter.

      Our simple idea is that you can't always indulge your interests with your friends and family because they don't share them. And sometimes you want to go deeper in a topic than you can on Facebook. No reason the two sites can't coexist, seems to me.

    • except with Facebook and even worse Instagram you canโ€™t escape the advertising and I suppose tracking. When ads show up on Cake I hope weโ€™ll be able to subscribe to pay and opt out. :)

      I canโ€™t see the Facebook ad machine ever letting users have that.

    • One concern I have, though, is reading that Cake is designed primarily for people to follow topics, not people.

      There's an implementation issue with that presently, being that all the topics you follow are thrown into your Cake home feed, without any controls/filters. One can't cut the stream down to one or a few of their current interests -- this is rather surprising for an interest-based network, and strikes me as something that needs to be addressed in short order, as it comes close to defeating the whole point.

    • I'm not talking about unfollowing topics or particular conversations -- I'm talking about including or excluding topics I do follow, in my home feed. Sometimes I'll want to see posts related to all the topics I follow, sometimes just one or a few topics. G+ has the "Circle Streams" option, which would display a feed of a single circle (Twitter has lists) -- it ought to go a little further here and let you easily select which topics you want in your feed.

    • Hi kk and welcome to Cake! ๐Ÿ˜ As one of the founders I had many sleepless nights worrying about being stillborn because it's so hard to get initial traction and engagement. Now it feels like the baby is alive and kicking, people are leaning over the edge of the crib saying, "hey, that's a cute baby."

      So now I've started worrying about what adolescence and adulthood will look like. If we can keep it away from a life of drugs and crime, I think we'll be fine.

    • Hey Chis. Thanks.

      Agree, a baby looks really nice. Cake has a chance to take the place of G+ because its kind of similar. I hope everything will be fine and Cake will find a place in the sun.

      I like how Cake looks. Pages looks clean and simple. Not like stupid-simple, but more like ingeniously simple. Awesome job, keep it up and good luck! ๐Ÿ˜