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    • Social networks 'fail'. Hmmm...

      Take 50, 100, 200 of those top "influencers" off of any given social network in the next 15 minutes. ::poof::

      What happens to that social network that remains, minutes, hours, days, weeks later? If it's a behemoth like...well, you probably survives.

      Do the same thing here, MeWe, or any of the others that are looking to be the 'next Google+ that survives', and does it live or die?

      I think to a degree we've experienced that at the Ploos.

      What will dethrone the 'big-dogs' in this space?

    • I agree, to some extent it comes down to critical mass. Do you have enough people in the network to create the conversations, engage the membership, and drive activity.

      And the unfortunate thing is that, to some extent, you need those "influencers" to get to that critical mass.

      Pesky catch-22s.

    • There is a word for this phenomenon.

      The greeks had a word both for knowledge and wisdom. Sophos

      They had another word for folly and ignorance. Moros

      When a young person thinks that he is knowledgable and wise, when in reality his standards are flawed due to inexperience and a limited worldview, his thinking is called Sophomoric.

    • I liked the idea of google plus circles. You would place people in circles. High school circle, local to me, photographers (established) to follow, up and coming photographers (like me), Facebook tried to implement circles, but then moved away from that some, but I still use a short list to keep the noise at a minimum. And as an introvert, I am more likely to post or respond to a photo than I would be to create a long form post. Here at cake, it would be great to see then best of tumblr, flickr, and smug mug either stolen or integrated here.

    • sometimes just one or a few topics. G+ has the "Circle Streams" option

      Whereas the the G+circle was people oriented i think, another example, here, is in feedly where you can group feeds into self titled buckets (feeds) or bookmark content into boards. That way, the highly politicized content of interest could be silo-ed into a bucket, for perusal up to your personal limit, and then no more.

      Sorry if I am not explaining this well.

    • Hi Robert,

      Thanks for your honesty and baring your soul in post after post. The transparency of the
      transformation you’re undergoing is an inspiration to others.

      I’ve been waiting for another platform to begin to wean some of us away from Facebook
      (which has all of the pitfalls you outlined) and Twitter (where there really is no social cohesion or community). So I’ll be checking out Cake and seeing how it’s markedly different from Medium. I do like the clean design (though I frankly don’t see the difference between a smiley face, a pair of clapping hands, a pair of raised hands, a thumbs up, and the dozens of other emojis that are supposed to provide a shorthand for what we’re thinking or how we’re
      feeling ... but not sure I'm not the target audience).

      On a side note, you write: “I'm quite convinced we all will be wearing glasses by 2025 for all work and play.” And I remember you saying at Jason’s Launch Scale conference that we’ll all be wearing glasses within 2 years – and that was on Nov. 14, 2016. Didn’t happen, and I don’t think it’ll happen by Dec. 31, 2025.

      Let me know if you’d like to make a friendly wager (dinner for four? ... Jason Calacanis does this all the time on his This Week in Startups podcast), or if wagering is one of the things you’ve given up. Just trying to keep you grounded and not caught up in the tech razzle-dazzle that's coming down the pike, good sir!