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    • I'll be honest, if almost any other entrepreneur had pitched me this I would have ignored them. I have had enough social in my life.

      When I heard you were involved I took this effort a lot more seriously. Why?

      1. You've always been nice. Not just to me.
      2. I like your customer service centricity at SmugMug.
      3. I like your philosophy of how you build things and like that you didn't take venture capital, which pushes companies to focus so much on growth and being addictive.
      4. I liked your technology choices. When I worked at Rackspace we had lots of conversations about them. I was always bummed that I couldn't win you away from Amazon, but I liked that you pushed hard earlier than most on AWS and that you aggressively used new cloud-based technology and saw the promise in it.

      I will look for ways to support this community, I really like what you've built and where you are going.

    • Chris, I think your enthusiasm and participation as a founder of Cake are really admirable. I remember in the early days of Flickr when Caterina used to personally welcome people and when Stewart was very active in the forums participating in the community. I think this sort of community involvement by founders sets the tone. I am glad you are committed to cake both as a business but also that you are emotionally invested in its success as well every waking hour. It is good seeing Robert here as well. I think he was a big part of the early success of a lot of social networks. I know he is the one who first introduced me to Twitter and then Friendfeed. Looking forward to trying to contribute more myself as well.

    • I may not have as loud a voice as the other people in this conversation, but I too am excited about the future of Cake. For similar reasons as @Scobleizer, Chris as long as I have known you in my partnerships with SmugMug you have been a kind and thoughtful visionary. You have always taken the time to ask the little guy for their input, and taken the time to create a meaningful experience for everyone. Not all of the great ideas you've had got the chance to be realized, but I'm fortunate enough to have seen behind the curtain a bit to know the kind of company and community you want to build.

      What brought me to the Internet at a young age were the communities. It was being able to log into a forum in CompuServe on a topic knowing that's where my people were. Every single social media platform today has forced us to engage too much in the bigger, louder world. It's insisted that every person has an equally qualified voice on every subject, and as much as it's important to give people a platform to express themselves, sometimes we need to be a bit more deliberate in how we start a conversation. Panel conversations are exactly what we need right now.

      I've been on a bit of a hiatus from things for a while, but I am excited to be back and am ready to invest my time in Cake and see it grow and thrive. I know it will.