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    • Yea! After about a year, that is what we have settled on as well. It feels pretty natural so far. It does make me wonder how long it will take for our kid to grasp that our parents are also her grandparents 🤔

    • Haha, oh jeez, I was trying to find new topics on Cake with more activity than the ones I was following for, dropped by "parenting," saw the post was "December 1" and thought it was a few days old. Sorry for the thread revival. Glad things worked out over the course of the year. though! 😂

    • Oh no that's great! Off topic, but one of the things that's so awesome about Cake is conversation persistence. My interest in this didn't change, happy someone wants to talk about it 😄

    • My mother-in-law actually has three names that her grandchildren call her. She has three sons and each set of grandkids call her by a different name. The oldest son’s kids call her NeNe (like ‘nee nee’) and have done so for the past 16 years. There was a large gap before more grandkids care into the picture. When my husband and I were expecting at the same time as his younger brother, we asked her if she still wanted that name or if she had something else she wanted. We all decided that Lulu would be perfect as it was a play off of her name. Well, fast forward to when our kids could start talking and turned out that my niece couldn’t pronounce Lulu without it sounding more like Nunu (‘noo noo’). So now that family calls her Nunu. Our son can say Lulu so we stayed with that name as it sounds so cute to hear him say her name with a rolled L sound. She doesn’t seem to care that she has three names but I suspect that we could call her anything and she’d be happy. She just loves having grandkids.