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    • I listened to Terry Gross's interview of the director, Damien Chazelle, and I learned fascinating things I never knew about the moon landing. I consider it the most amazing technological achievement in history and absolutely astonishing that they could pull it off in 1969.

      I never knew they were down to 30ish seconds of fuel before a forced abort, the computer failed as they were landing, they missed the landing zone...

      This feels like the kind of movie theaters were made for. I must go this weekend. You?

    • What did you think, Daria?

      I went to the 10:35 p.m. showing in a theater near Google and NASA, thinking I had to for a good seat. But the theater was strangely half full.

      It isn't the movie I expected and yet I'm so very glad I went. I didn't expect the severity of shaky cam in so much of the film, or so much background sound that I missed some of the dialog.

      What really came home to me is how on the edge of catastrophe they lived their lives and ran the mission. So many deaths, so many mishaps, so much that went wrong and nearly scuttled the mission. I have always believed this was the biggest technological miracle in history and I came away from the movie believing that even more.

      But damn it was gritty and tense. The moon landing scene was incredible.