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    • I bought this keyboard a year or so ago to go with my gaming PC. Though I ended up using it for everything. I think it was the cheapest mechanical one I could find on Amazon.

      Now some of the keys are starting to lose responsiveness. Thinking it’s time for an upgrade. Any recommendations? I think I’d like to stick to mechanical.

    • I really like Alienware Pro Gaming Keyboard for a punchy key responsiveness and a ton of key lighting customization. I was a bit turned off by the grey color finish of the keyboard based on the product shots, but once I got it and used it in real life it was actually quite nice. Wish there was a black version of it though.

    • I love the rainbow keyboard! The one I have is the Havit HV-KB558CM keyboard.

      It's not actually a mechanical keyboard, but it emulates it really nicely. Pros are it's not as loud as a normal mechanical but still gives you the noise and physical feedback while allowing for slightly softer key presses.