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    • in an otherwise insane world photography helps me keep my sanity (most of the time).

      Still getting my head around following and starting topics/conversations rather than people 😂 how are you all finding it?

    • I think following conversations and topics makes sense. It's different than following people but it seems to work for me.

      I'm with you, photography is one of the things that helps me retain a good frame of mind in today's crazy world.

    • Would be awesome if cake allowed you to view all the images in a conversation at one time without any words. Say for example this thread/conversation takes off and people start sharing more and more. It would be a heck of a read to scroll through all the posts to see the images especially if it makes it to multiple pages to then pick one to comment on or share and discuss..

      Imagine being able to "view all images" then click on the image and it takes you to the part in the conversation? Would be great for story threads and photo threads.

      *edit* Oh and the original poster view. That is a must have for the story threads, hide everything but the publishers stuff while still being able to take part.

      @Chris @yaypie @Vilen @kevin + whoever I forgot :)

      You guys have a full list I imagine, but everything is falling into place nicely.