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    • A couple of girls in our family get terribly carsick no matter how smoothly I drive or how much they stare out the window. Citroen is introducing these Seetroen glasses for kids and claim they are 95% effective. I guess they are made by Boarding Ring in France. I ordered a pair.

      The Old Salt says they’re the most effective seasickness prevention yet designed

      Anyone know about them?

    • Yeah, doesn't the principle seem simple? Simple as it seems, I can't understand how someone came up with the idea and I'm still amazed to hear that it works.

      The thing that really gets me is they say "when symptoms begin put them on." Wait. When I start to get carsick, too late, there's no recovery. Then they say "after 10-15 minutes, when symptoms go away, you can remove them." Since when has anyone recovered from carsickness that fast? When I get it, I have a hangover for hours.

    • As a child, when I started feeling carsick my solution was to stare fixedly forward. Basically, to not move my eyes.

      As an adult I get carsick if I try to read. Solution? Same thing. Just quiet those eye movements down.

      It generally works pretty quickly. But not moving your eyes is difficult, it's not at all instinctive.

    • Hearing that they work is a forehead-slap moment to me--of course they work! It resonates with the "keep your eye on the road" mantra you always hear. Placing a horizon-emulating frame-of-reference right in front of you is just about as direct an action as you can take to physically force someone to pay attention to their motion.

      Hearing that they work, *after* you start feeling symptoms...I'm with you; I'm skeptical. By the time I feel it coming on, I usually have to lay myself down and "reset" Helps alot to just flat out take a nap at that point.

      My SO can suffer motion-sickness just looking at a *picture* of the ocean. :D I'd say she'd be my first guinea pig. A pair of supermarket sunglasses, some clear tubing, and a hot glue gun is in order.

    • One thing that's making me crazy is I'm now getting motion sick on a motorcycle when riding in the twisties. I've loved doing that for forever. Nooooooo!!!!!

    • I had it as well for a short while while riding.
      Changed my helmet and it dissapeared, the helmet that caused it did not ventilate well and the visor extended further round than on most other helmets, it was a Schuberth C3.
      I gave it to a mate and he also felt weird when wearing it.
      Might be worthwhile trying a different brand of helmet.
      I'm curently really happy with the Shoei Hornet X2.

    • Well the girls like them. They certainly get attention wherever you go. The Citroen versions look more stylish than this (cheaper version) from Boarding Ring.

      I wore them driving around today and the fluid is not dampened, so it’s a little bit sloshy. They block my peripheral vision. And the rings are so close to your eyes, I don’t see a horizon line in them.

    • Time to take your guinea pigs out for a rough ride! :D

      The next time I'm biking into town w/ the kids, I will pick up some clear vinyl tubing and a cheap pair of sunglasses from the hardware store, and post up my hack.

      I had a science teacher who took a few of us kids out to science fairs in his car, who was absolutely the *worst* at accelerating/braking smoothly. <puke> In retrospect, I wonder whether he was deliberately effing with us kids.

      I know a few tricks that'll cause my kids to turn green...having them watch a movie on a tablet in stop 'n go traffic, for one. I'll have to run a controlled experiment on them.

    • Can't wait to see what happens next! Now that I've worn mine I can't imagine how or whether they really work.

    • Spent today on roller coasters. This is what Caitlyn texted her mom:

      I went on a really fast, scary, and crazy roller coaster just a few minutes ago! It was SO fast! Yes, the glasses work wonders! 👓

    • It's to help visualize acceleration in the sagittal plane. Your peripheral vision is not great at seeing details. But it is*very* good at detecting motion or changes in patterns. The front portion of the side rings fall within peripheral vision and is enough to give you cues.

      I don't know if they work yet. Just finished making them.

    • I just join inn to thanks for your idea, I done my own.

      IT WORKS

      I Invite friends to tour North Thailand on Christmas and was
      dreading the drive from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son notorious for car sickness
      and winding road, they said: It's a steep and winding drive, with lots of
      curves, so take a plastic bag and some motion sickness pills if you need them.

      My copies works..

      Now I can see already the Chinese production on full swing
      for 1/10 of the price