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    • I'd alwasy turned my nose up at heated jackets for biking... but, hitting 50 last year, I decided to try one to make biking in the winter a little more enjoyable.

      I bought a warmnsafe jacket and remote controller. Easy to setup and toasty warm. I rode into the city centre this morning, 1c, and was snug and warm.

      I have half muffs, barkbusters, which deflect most of the wind and allow the heat from the grips to be felt. A balaclava under the helmet and I can ride, comfortably, in chilly weather.

    • When I bought a new BMW motorcycle the dealer was selling me on heated grips and told me that once you use them you can never go back. I thought to myself, "pushy sales guy. But I'm a sucker so okay."

      He was so right! Life. Changing. I rode that bike to northern Alaska with electric pants and jacket and those heated grips and was roasty toasty even when my helmet was getting covered with ice.

      Now I have a heated steering wheel in my car. I love love love it.

    • noob question that I could answer myself with research but i'll ask here :)... how do the heated jackets / pants work? Do you plug them into a socket or USB or..?

    • Yeah, the articles of clothing plug into each other and then one jack plugs into the side of your motorcycle, ski mobile, or ATV. I have wished for them when on a jet ski photographing the surfers at Mavericks.

    • Many claim Oxford heated grips are quite good, so I think I am going to try them. The OEM ones I had on my GS were good and warm, but the ones on the Guzzi Stelvio are much weaker. I do have a very old Gerbing jacket liner I never leave home without on any long trip. Last summer there was stormy day in Newfoundland in August, temperature dropped to below 45 F! Worst storm I ever rode through, and I have been through quite a few, over the years.

    • I have a brand new set of Oxford heated grip pads hanging on my garage wall. Not a lot of good being there but taking my bike apart to install those grips and tracking down the wires to hook it up hasn't been appealing to me. The day I finally do it I'll be kicking myself for not doing it sooner.

    • I am the same way, don't fix something unless it's broken.. and so upgrades usually have to wait, as riding is more important.