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    • I've never liked Siri but AirPods are amazing. They're probably in my ears 14 hours a week as I run, bike and talk on the phone.

      Trouble is, I'm tired of stopping to fumble with my phone to switch apps, rate songs, replay them, read texts, answer the phone, etc.

      You can do Siri with AirPods 1 by configuring one of them to launch Siri when double tapping. Problem is, I have the right one configured to pause/play and the left to skip. I don't want to give up either of those, handy as Siri could be.

      But with AirPods 2 I can just "hey Siri" while running to listen to a text I just got from Toni and respond. I can switch to Apple's Podcasts app if I pronounce the s at the end forcefully so Siri understands.

      Problem: I use YouTube Music and Siri talks to me like Hal when I ask her to do anything with it:

    • Being a Siri n00b, I didn't know about Siri Shortcuts. Oh damn, so handy, like Alexa routines. Going through the third-party shortcuts available, there are tons just for controlling Spotify. Example:

    • It's so strange to say this, but after two hours of playing with AirPods 2, I think they are the product of the year for me — simply for the hey Siri feature. When it's an Apple product you're giving commands to, they seem to work flawlessly.

      I've developed shortcuts for things like setting the phone to do not disturb mode and selecting video and starting to record with a single, simple command. Kids, dogs...never know when you have to whip out the video mode in an instant.

      I would buy them again at the drop of a hat, love them.

    • Problem: I use YouTube Music and Siri talks to me like Hal when I ask her to do anything with it

      Okay this is an intriguing problem because Siri will play most music apps on an AirPlay2 speaker [1]. Including YouTube Music [2]. So the question is how to get the Air Pods to be recognized as an AirPlay2 device. Theoretically, you could duct-tape a Sonos speaker to your forehead but it’s probably a head or neck injury waiting to happen. I believe @dkeller responded to a user question on Air Pods a while back so he may know something about this. (Hope it was okay to mention you on this, Dave.)

      [1] Using AirPlay 2, you can instantly send sound from any AirPlay-compatible iOS app

      [2] You can control music with Siri from any service after starting it by tapping the Airplay icon