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    • The ads on YouTube were getting ridiculous and I can’t be troubled to mess with ad blockers and I don’t mind paying something. I’m not happy that many content creators get nothing from YouTube with their new agreements but who am I to go against Google? I’ll pay the $11.99 Canadian for the no ad experience. Anyone else getting annoyed to death of the ads lately? Can’t watch a one minute video without watching three ads.

    • The amount of ads is getting ridiculous. Rather than inspiring me to get premium though it just tends to make me use YouTube less.

      I get that the platform has to be monetised in some way, but the sheer amount of ads is excessive, and recently I just seem to get the same ones over and over and over and over again, some of which seem completely irrelevant to anything I would ever be interested in. They also used to be short, I could just let them float past without having to 'skip ad' but some of them now are super long!

    • I study Chinese and Japanese on YouTube, so I’ve given YouTube premium serious thought. Still, the ads don’t bug me that much. I totally understand why some make the switch, though. Who knows, I might end up doing it myself in the future.

    • I don't usually go to youtube for entertainment, but I do frequently use it to see how to do a specific task, or learn a new skill of some sort - and I find the ads boring and off topic, and not something I am interested in at all, usually. I skip them if I can. Or just turn off the sound and wait them out.

      Youtube just amazes me that it makes the money it seems to, if its algorithms think that I am even mildly interested in the ads I am shown -

      I think they need new algorithms, but they seem to continue to make lots of money.

      I do agree, their ads are annoying, not useful, or endearing.