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    • In case you were wondering how removable cores work.

      On the left is a zip valve extender, and on the right is a core removed.

      The idea is that you take out the core, put the extender in its place, and then put the core into the extender. Just don’t toss out at tube with an extender, thats a sad day since they are about $15 on their own :(.

      There is another kind of extension that just screws in on top of the core, but I really don’t like them. The reason why is that you have to release the twist on the valve like you are going to pump it up, and then fit the extension. If you mess it up, you could have to change a tire. Thats a bad day if you are pumping up before your race :/

    • Here you can see that the tire is basically flush with the rim from the front. No bulge in the tire, important for aerodynamics.

    • Disc covers! When you are on a budget, who needs a dedicated disc? These are about $100 and are custom built for whatever wheel you are running.

      These are about the difference in cost between a 60 mm wheel (which you can use for other things) and a dedicated disc wheel.

      The only downside is that if you do want to reclaim your wheel for normal riding, it can be kind of annoying to take the cassette on and off.

      These will save a decent chunk of time in a TT and I’d put them in the high bang for buck category.

    • Brakes! This TriRig Omega X brake is supposedly the most aero brake out there, so I figured it was worth a go. The FSA Gossamer brake looks a bit like a tangled mess from an aerodynamics perspective, so the clean lines here felt like a really nice upgrade.

      I have only replaced the front brake, because it is a better value; the wind does come from the front after all. It is almost $200 so it is on that borderline of definitely worth it for the front, maybe not for the back.

      That being said, my next purchase for this bike will probsbly be a rear omega x :P

    • Here is what the FSA gossamer brake looks like in the rear for camparison. Definitely a lot more bits dangling in the wind.