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    • I often ask myself who I'd like to see on Cake. More often than not I think I'd like to hear what a scientist or visionary would have to say but it's not limited to that. Most of the things I'm interested in have people who are the best at it and I'd like to hear what they had to say. I'm guessing your reading this because you too have thought of this. Who would you invite to speak on Cake if you could invite anyone? What would you ask them or ask them to talk about?

    • Neil DeGrasse Tyson! I saw him on Colbert last night (clip 1) (clip 2) and he was hilarious and fascinating. Who doesn't love him? He's been invited on The Late Show more than any other guest, by far.

    • I'm looking forward to seeing a group Astronauts landing some probe on Mars while orbiting it in ~2028 and using Cake Panel discussions to share with the world.


    • 2028 seems soooo far away :( Just waiting for the James Webb telescope to be launched and see first light. Space stuff is sooo slow or so it seems because stuff is talked about so many years in advance.

    • I just picked a year that seems pretty reasonable to me. Yeah, space exploration is slow because it's hard, dangerous, and very expensive.

      I am all for exploring the horizons of our universe. But as amazing as it is (and I see it as one of the unifying factors of all humanity), we have so many issues here on our little rock that we cannot solve and are busy arguing over.

      That, in my opinion, is why things move at a glacial pace.

    • I agree with you but I just want it faster as I'm sure you do :) I think the commercialization of space has been a good thing for exploration and discovery but it took a bit of time to get started. Hopefully the asteroid mining thing keeps pushing things forward and we get a gold rush of sorts that makes space a wild frontier race.

    • What i find even more interesting is how do experts/famous (not the same I think we can agree) deal or are dealt with on a platform like this? I have seen experts and famous folks on forum boards and the mix is just not right yet. a fan base is very difficult to manage and the possible dillution of conversaion with so many questions or responses would make it very difficult to manage in an open environment. I would think a small bar approach where there is a crowd limit and loud and rude gets the door pretty quick. Interesting dynamic for sure.
      For the people I would like to see it would be those who changed direction in life and why, subject matter experts are always fun but having a life experience that can be relatable and common amongst everyone seems to be a straight shot to the core of why we are here. Also artists to me are some of themost fascinating thinkers and guest spots would be an amazing oppertunity. to take part in or at least be able to read after.

    • WeeBeastie, did you install the Chrome plugin on Adventure Rider that makes it so you only see the posts from the OP in a ride report? Super popular. The only problem is, if the ride has three people on it and they all report in the same thread, the plugin filters out two of them.

      We're extending that idea to what we call Panel conversations here at Cake. Let's say Neil deGrasse Tyson invites Stephen Hawking to a Cake Panel. The two of them can debate the Voyager mission for days as millions of people follow the conversation and add reactions (but not interrupt it with inane comments).

      You can imagine sports teams, rock bands, and actors starting Panels because they'd be protected from the noise. We still need some time to get Panels working but we're on it.

    • I did, it was pretty darn good!
      The interview thread comes to mind where the masses managed to somewhat stay on signal worked a little. However the format was really cool and personal. Audience could send in questions/comments so it can be interactive but moderated. A simple locked out dialog can be done already what makes this different could be the level of interaction right?

    • Internally at Cake we all say that when we launch Panel conversations, the first thing our customers will ask for is the ability to ask questions of panelists. You can imagine asking a good question for a panel with Jimmy Kimmel on it and then if Jimmy liked the question, he could publish it in the Panel with his response. That would be pretty cool.

    • two things:

      1) I would be interested in Cory Doctorow joining the gang. If you don’t know who he is, gonto or

      2) If the Cake Team is looking for a beta test for panels, I have been looking for a solution to online debates for for about two years. I happen to be the chief bit wrangler so I can share what our challenges have been.

    • Awesome! We're working on panels. Not sure when they'll be ready but they seem super important to me.

    You've been invited!