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    • Titans Grove Watopia Preserve route is awesome! Full of twisty roads, packed with dinosaurs, geysers and bears. It feels like Zwift mash scenes from Sequoia National Park and Yellowstone together and sprinkled in exotic animals.

      If you haven't seen an official Zwift trailer of the Titans Grove route, here it is:

      I rode it over and over today to share the best scenes of the route.

      These are unedited screenshots rendered at highest settings on a 4K Gaming PC.

      Click on any screenshot to see it large.

    • Sand and Sequoias is already my favorite loop that includes Titans Grove (shown in white on the map) stretches 12.5 miles with 567 feet of elevation gain.

    • Immediately after there are steaming geysers and pools that remind me of Yellowstone National Park.

    • The forest is vast and scenic without feeling like a tunnel (unlike Watopia's Mayan Jungle).

    • The Mystic Forest section reminds me of Avatar's Flying Mountains. It is quiet and haunting.

    • If you enjoyed this screenshot ride-through, please sign up and comment here. If there is enough interest, I’ll do more ride-throughs of other Zwift routes.

    • Wow this looks amazing! Way beyond where I thought Zwift would go, but I love that they’re getting a bit fantastical with their environments. Is this course available for anyone or do you have to unlock it?

    • I figured in Watopia any course that makes it more utopian is welcome. This route is not gated (light, screen whatever those gates are called). So anyone can ride it without needing to level up.

    • I couldn't wait to ride it again and this time I changed a kit and the bike and tried to get more cinematic screenshots. They are all rendered in 4K on a Gaming PC and are not edited in anyway.

      Lets start with a few from the Geysers section:

    • Somehow I missed a wooden statue of a bear in front of the lodge during the first ride.

    • This scene is pretty funny and kudos to Zwift team for making it so...

      Scene 1: A bear is climbing a tree to get the honey.