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    • What an awesome write up! Thank you for sharing it here. You wrote something interesting:

      I didn’t sleep too well, and the wake-up time of 1:00 AM came quickly! Our target was to eat, and get ready to head out by 2:00 AM. I decided to skip the hot food so as to not stir my system too much, and ate a Clif bar and was ready to go. It was a well-lit night given that full moon was just a day away so headlamps were barely required!

      I would think that eating something hot in the morning would help you wake up. Whenever I camp out I crave for a hot meal after a cold night. So would you not advise having one for the climbing expedition like yours?

    • Well, it's always good to have a nice warm meal but at this instance, I decided not to because I did not want to deal with a potty break before (or during) the climb. So, it's more of a personal preference.