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    • Beautiful, Jefferson.

      On gray days I love dramatic clouds so much more than a bland, nondescript sky. Last week in Normandy, we got a lot of rain but it made for some nice skies:

      I was thinking about your comment in your Morrow Bay photowalk about loving to take people photos under foggy skies. I actually struggle with that a little because I feel I often get shadowy eyes unless I use a little puff of fill flash. This looks pretty good on a gray day without flash, but:

      I think with a little kiss of sunshine, I like it better:

    • The humidity has been at 93% consistently in NYC these past few days along with rain, fog, and dreary weather, so I'm hoping the June Gloom clears up here soon! Not as many stunning vistas as your photos :)

    • I love the cool morning dew and existential reverb of June in Los Angeles. It brings out a more complex and mysterious dimension of life in the city. It's the one time of year I won't leave town.