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    • For me,
      every picture is a small prayer.
      Each one different and heartfelt and important (in it's own distinct way)
      Something to be thankful for.
      Something to be celebrated.
      Something to be corrected.
      Something to be sorry for.
      Something that makes us feel big (in a small way)
      or small (in a big way).
      Something that needs to be thought about
      over and over and over.
      That needs to be shared.
      That needs to live on
      That needs to be heard.
      Every photo is an acknowledgement,
      a reminder, a plea, a thank you.
      Something that makes us feel at peace,
      awed, inspired, incredibly, profoundly moved.
      Part of something huge and magnificent and connected.

      Just thought I'd share something incredibly personal
      Never really articulated why I love photography so much. Now I know.
      What about the rest of you?

      #photography #prayers #united

    • Hi Alan,

      It's a great to see you here. For people who may be tempted to Google Alan, he's not the famous Pulitzer prize-winning poet also named Alan Shapiro, he's the highly regarded photographer who gave this Talk At Google. Here's an interview of how he does flowers, where he talks about things like bringing out more color in your black & white.

      What I love is Alan encourages photographers to write the backstory behind their photos.

    • Beautiful, Alan. I like how you say, "every photo is a plea..." as in a call to support a cause, and an earnest chance for understanding...