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    • A few years ago I got this Logitech Bluetooth keyboard for my home because my Mac laptop keyboard is hard to type on and glitchy. I can type so much faster and more accurately with this. The bonus is I sit up straighter.

      Problem is I don’t take it to the coffee shops I often work in, so I’m buying a foldable to try.

    • I've tried using this keyboard on an airplane and it worked well. It fits nicely on a tray and has enough room left for the palms to rest. In terms of focusing on writing and eliminating all distractions this is as minimal as it gets.

      One thing I would need to figure out is how to prevent the screen from dimming while I'm caught in deep thought. There is probably a global phone setting that I can toggle. Alternatively I could get a writing specific app that shows larger text and keeps screen on. I'm using default Notes app.

      Does anyone have a recommendation for an iPhone App specifically designed for writing?