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    • That Palm keyboard you’ve linked to brings back so many memories! I also had one and it was definitely transformer like and very much mechanical and bulky 😂.

      I don’t type on the foldable keyboard directly on my lap because of the middle fold as you’ve pointed out. It is also awkward to have a phone on my lap because of the viewing angle.

      I try to do a quick ergonomic set up: place the phone on an arm rest of the bench and away from the keyboard. Then prop the phone up with a ring case. Finally, I would lay the keyboard flat on the bench itself.

      Unfortunately not all park benches have arm rests so that might not work everywhere.

    • Welcome to Cake, eteprm. 🎂 I knew the Palm founders, Jeff Hawkins and Donna Dubinsky, back in the day and used that keyboard! They were two weeks from bankruptcy when a modem maker, US Robotics, bought them to make the Palm Pilot. Amazing.

      How did you come to choose Grug as avatar? 🙂