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    • Welcome to Cake, eteprm. 🎂 I knew the Palm founders, Jeff Hawkins and Donna Dubinsky, back in the day and used that keyboard! They were two weeks from bankruptcy when a modem maker, US Robotics, bought them to make the Palm Pilot. Amazing.

      How did you come to choose Grug as avatar? 🙂

    • I grew up with Grug! He was popular here in Australia and mum used to read the books to us as kids.

      Guess he stuck in my memory as well from visiting mums kindergarten classrooms over the years and reading to her students.

    • A few years ago I got this Logitech Bluetooth keyboard for my home because my Mac laptop keyboard is hard to type on and glitchy. I can type so much faster and more accurately with this. The bonus is I sit up straighter.

      Problem is I don’t take it to the coffee shops I often work in, so I’m buying a foldable to try.