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    • On the Cal site I write for (, I recently dealt with a nasty troll who derailed a conversation I was trying to create on our message boards. I ended up having to lock up the thread prematurely (within an hour) due to his sexism and raw negativity towards women’s athletics. It was so frustrating. Every now and then I have to deal with this kind of negativity. It gets old.  

      This got me to thinking about how Cake is the exact opposite and how I’ve never once dealt with a negative troll like that on here. In part I’m sure that’s a credit to those on here who keep trolls out, but it’s also a credit to the mission of Cake. Namely, to have a great conversations without having to worry about nasty trolls and people derailing them. Cake has done a great job of setting this tone. Hopefully more people will discover Cake and the awesome platform it gives those of us who want to have serious, thoughtful conversations! Happy Friday everyone! 

    • I can't agree more. Not sure what the secret sauce is but Cake continues to invite deep conversations without all the noise found on every other network. Now that I'm investing more of my time on Twitter as of late I have an even deeper appreciation for Cake.

    • Troll is a form of despicable mental disease, just as there is no perfect sanity for any given person. I think we have something very special here.. reminds me of the famous Pall Mall slogan, "Wherever Particular People Congregate".

    • I don’t know what’s happening with trolls, but I think about it every day. We’ve always had them but never at the level we do now with state sponsorship and all the other factors that have come to play.

      I like to join the conversation in some of the most basic science debates — is the earth round, are vaccines safe, is man helping to warm the climate, are fruits, veggies, and beans healthy — and it has gotten to the point that scientists have mostly withdrawn from those conversations because they get eviscerated.

      We live in an age where the powers that be can claim Covid-19 is a political hoax and launch bitter rhetoric about it on TV and social media instead of focusing on fighting its spread.

    • We live in an age where the powers that be can claim Covid-19 is a political hoax and launch bitter rhetoric about it on TV and social media instead of focusing on fighting its spread.

      And the sad part is most readers won't know the difference between a troll and a comedian, unless it was written on the establishment's entrance.

      It's the reason some people are much more easily made to feel trolled than others who would be able to read between lines, and that's just not "between the lines", but instead seek to understand the root of troll's intentions. A flippant, superficial and quick to judge culture of memes and packaged bits of wisdom will never replace valid thought process, nor will it feed a mind starved by the lack of education from schools, or that "first seven years at home" failed to provide. For someone who only sees the light of each day wrapped in an eternal electronic flow of junk information, or low quality art and culture everywhere, it's very difficult indeed to know the difference.

    • I think what helps with Cake is it really is geared towards your interests and what you want to talk about. That and it’s made very clear that you come here to have quality, in-depth conversations. Those that aren’t interested in such things won’t come here.

    • I think another big part of it is that it's unknown by the majority of internet users. If trolls don't know about it, they can't use it as a means to their end. At the same time, even if they know about it trolls likely aren't going to waste much time on a site with low traffic. On Facebook or Reddit trolling efforts are much more likely to reach a greater audience than they are on Cake simply based on the number of users. I would expect to see the prevalence of trolling increase as Cake becomes more widely known and accepted.