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    • When I first saw the film WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS at SXSW back in 2014, I remember calling up my friends and former colleagues who were working on the film to tell them they had a cult favorite on their hands. Cue five years later, the film has become a beloved Halloween tradition at my flat and shared with countless friends who love its quirky humor.

      The premise? A New Zealand documentary film team is granted unprecedented access to the lives of four vampires living on the outskirts of Wellington as roommates with all the personality tensions and zany situations that entails, preparing for the once-a-year annual "Unholy Masquerade" ball.

      The Trailer?

      Now that FX is going to be launching the TV version of WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS on March 27, I'm counting down the days. And bonus - the new show is set in NYC, not New Zealand!

    • Chris MacAskill

      I watched the film last month and thought it was hilarious!

      “Vampires have had a pretty bad rep. We’re not these mopey old creatures who live in castles. And while some… most of us are... a lot are… but… there are also those of us who like to flat together in really small countries like New Zealand.” — Viago

    • Loved this movie and can’t wait for the show! The show seems very much in line with the movie in terms of look/feel, which is exciting.

    • There's a spin off TV series that follows the two police officers, called Wellington paranormal. It's a good laugh!
      Got to love New Zealand humor!