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    • I can see a path to victory for him now. Highlight the protests and violence, make people feel unsafe, blame democrats, show force and bd the law and order president.

      I don’t know any other leader who commands such fierce devotion among his followers as him. Do you?

    • From The Atlantic magazine - This is How Biden Loses

      I will state up front - I don't think anyone will confuse The Atlantic as a Trump supporter or even generally favoring the right.

      Jacob Blake's mother Julia Jackson was the most effective and heart rending speaker in Kenosha - she is quoted in the linked article, - "softly, almost inaudibly" is absolutely acurate if you watch the speech on the CNN

      I don't think Trump's fervent supporters will get him over the top - but I do think it is not beyond the pale that a lot of alarmed folks may decide to lean to the right for a change, for law and order, rather than burning cities and looting businesses.

      I am not saying this is a good thing, at all, or that I support it, but I do think right now the winner in November is still to be decided, and burning cities and gun fire by either side will frighten a lot of voters - of all colors.

      Apparently the author, George Packer, in The Atlantic, thinks so as well.

      I am almost afraid to suggest reading this article from The Atlantic based on the tone of this thread, but I think it is worthwhile.

    • I think that article from The Atlantic nailes it. I hope the Biden-Harris campaign reads it and takes its message to heart. There is too much at stake in this election to mess this up!

    • People are not too smart when they don’t realize it’s happening under his rule. He’s changing it to say it’s happening under democratic leadership. I’m at such a loss I say let American go down if so many people are that ignorant. I’m sorry it’s incredibly hard to see such a mess and people eating it up so fervently. It should be 75% Biden. Eeking out a win by Biden right now will not made America’s allies feel that USA has changed and it’ll keep us thinking this and maybe worse, will happen again. We are losing faith as your allies. 75% of Canadians hate Trump.

    • More than double the viewers gave this video a thumbs down than a thumbs up. I don't know the history of this guy's actions but he doesn't seem popular. Hard to know what effect bots may have had.