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    • I think Trumpism is worse because it turns us against each other, our allies, and our institutions. Now he’s telling Americans that elections are fraudulent, and I dunno, maybe 30 million people will believe him? He doesn’t even have to produce any evidence, which he doesn’t have.

    • I agree. It’s hard to not be extremely discouraged. I think it’s more discouraging to see people believe him than that he exists and does what he does.

    • Amy Chozick is a reporter for The New Tork Times who was assigned to follow Hillary’s campaign. She said she told Hillary “voters vote for charismatic men who overpromise.”

      I’ve never been able to get that quote from my mind. And I’ve wondered if there is something in our evolutionary history that longs for a strongman, a tribal chief who will vanquish the evil savages who would otherwise plunder our settlement. Who are the people who support Maduro in Venezuela? Who supported Hitler?

      With more education are you more open to supporting the women leaders who are running countries like Denmark, Germany, Taiwan and New Zealand?

    • I still belive that more (and better!) education will help. But there is something in our DNA that desperately seeks assurance that "everything will be alright." Something that embraces the "chosen one" who proclaims, contrary to all evidence, "I alone can fix it."

      Perhaps a Master Class in Skepticism repeated, amplified and re-taught every academic year?

    • I don’t know, maybe it’s just me but I can’t see Trump as a strong man. I have no problem with voting for a woman leader. I voted to re-elect a female to lead our province. Didn’t work out as 45 out of the last 42 years have been conservative. We only got another party in when the right vote was split. Our province is in the worst shape ever and the future looks bleak.

    • I wonder what influence Rupert Murdoch’s media empire has on America, the U.K., and Australia. You’re lucky to not have it in Canada.

      I was on the phone yesterday with dear friends in Utah who are rabid anti-maskers. I don’t know exactly where they’re getting that from, but listening to them I thought I heard echoes of Fox News.