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    • Man, so much truth. I am guilty of this at times....
      There was an article that went out about a year ago surrounding how restaurant turn around times have doubled now that everyone takes pictures of their food. DOUBLED I think that's mind boggling that we've just forgotten how to be here and now with the people we care about. I've tried to make a conscious effort to be better about this after reading that.

    • Good read, and something that has been keeping me busy as well. For me film photography is now more important than before, although I mainly shoot digital.

      Shooting analog is to me a way out of this fast paced life for me; I work in a sometimes physically and mentally demanding environment, the information we get through the internet are amounts I can not keep up with and I need a way to deal with it all. I shoot analog when I can. I have been shooting 35mm for a while and I recently received a Hasselblad from a dear friend that I am now using . The simplicity is awesome and it helps me find my 'slow life' or whatever you want to call it. It helps me cope with life I guess.

      All the negatives from my first camera when I was a little boy till now I still have in binders and I could never get rid of them. Same with prints of old images. We have tons of family photos dating back to mid 19th century. The tangibility of those negatives and photos is something that can not be compared to anything we have now, and I hope someday my son can appreciate that feeling as well.

      (I also shoot film as sort of a personal way to rebel agains the "instant gratification" way of thinking; everything must happen "now", what happened to having a little patience and appreciating & enjoying it even more when you do get the photos?)

      Is film best? I don't think you can say that as it is apples and oranges to me, but for me it is definitely important.

      My wife, shooting with my grandfather's (film) camera (shot on film):