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    • I never thought of the future generation not actually caring about 'real life' photo albums. That would be sadder than not having the printed photos at all. Nostalgia is a funny thing, my parents still hoard all our old videotapes and refuse to part ways with them even though they don't have a VCR player anymore.

      I think you're right re creating mediocre photographers, but there's that bittersweetness again; everyone with a smartphone can tell visual stories now, but should that come at the expense of die-hard photographers who've spent years learning their craft?

      Ah Leica, I had the Q for a while, the 'pretend' Leica haha. I'm fully mirrorless now and shoot with a Fuji X Pro 2, probably because the camera feels like a good ol' rangefinder.

      (Super cute photo of your son too :-D)