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    • I have too many electronics that need to be charged daily: portable power banks, camera batteries, tablets, headphones etc. They are all charging from three separate USB charging hubs with a total of 21 ports. In a sea of cables, I always seem to struggle to find the right one, and I’ve already run out of desk space.

      Instead of cannibalizing even more desk space, I decided to stack electronics using the same footprint and to go vertical.

    • When thinking of ways to clean up this mess, I’ve thought of traditional desktop organizers. They come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and materials. I decided to go with a meshed metal design so that any heat generated by the electronics can dissipate adequately. There were many options at my local office supply store (Staples) that I explored, but I ended up buying a Simple Houseware Mesh Organizer on Amazon for $23. It was the perfect size with three shelves to organize my electronics.

    • The bottom level tray with three sections slides out easily. It is perfectly sized for my three Anker USB charging hubs: 5 port, 10 port, and 6 port. Most of my charging cables are 1 foot (30 cm) long, just enough to reach the charger.

    • The middle-level shelf is where I store and charge small electronics. It doesn’t have a ton of vertical space, but it is great for camera battery chargers, Kindle (or iPad), and bike computers.

    • The top shelf with vertical slots is perfect for headphones and large tablets. I also use one of the slots to store and charge power banks.

    • I’ve been using this charging station for the last two weeks, and I love it. One of the big problems it solved was that my girlfriend could never find the USB-C cable to charge her headphones. She ended up asking me to charge it for her every time. Since the completion of the Organizer, Charger Dock, she knows precisely where her headphones go and where the charging cable is.

      What initially seemed like a significant investment of time and effort to build the OCD is now paying dividends daily. I’m going to continue looking for small wins like this to make my digital life more organized and electronics fully charged.

      Please share your creative ways of organizing and charging electronics here :)

    • Ugh, are you charge-shaming me on social media?! Just because I have several, um, decentralized charging stations around the house, I will not consider myself less than.

      Okay, I probably will until I score some spousal points by copying you.

    • I need one of those huge USB charging blocks, are they all 2.4 Amps or more?

      My way is kinda organized? At least when not in use I keep all the similar chargers in bins that are stacked and then have 2 small shelves that can hold everything even for when I'm doing a big shoot. But I also don't need to charge things daily so it's easier to get away with this.

    • I’m not very good at home, although I did install some wall plugs with USB ports in them to relieve some of the frustration when people ask if there’s a spare charger around they can borrow.

      My frustration became unbearable when I had to pack up everything for a trip. Ugh. Making sure I had all the right cords and accessories packed each time drove me crazy until I finally just decided to get a pouch for everything I use while on the road. It fits into whatever bag I’m taking easily. I can palm it.

    • My favorite part is the cord clasps I picked up in Bangkok from a leather worker who took time to put my nickname on each one. ❤️

    • I use a combination of three desktop charger hubs from Anker that all have "Power IQ" ports. That technology, supposedly, delivers maximum charging speed per port for whatever the device actually supports. Some of their older chargers that I own only had a couple of ports per hub that were Power IQ. It always made me think, now I don't have to.