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    • Homepage/Star Sections:
      An area I feel will get overly long and troublesome is the homepage
      (home icon) and favourites (star section). Eventually I could imagine regular
      users having hundreds of conversations that they are following. Homepage could
      end up like Facebook where you have way too many posts to go through and no way
      to have them sorted in order to speed up the search or target your current
      interests.  Having notifications for responded answers simply won’t be enough to keep things organized or from getting unwieldy if the conversations list is too long. How could someone focus on fewer sections or topics that they’re interested in reading in that moment? Let’s say
      they’re in the mood for motorcycle stuff – how do they get just those posts?
      What if they just want stuff about technology or the latest news? Users need some
      way to not have to scroll down a huge conversations list.  Users should have a way to manually change their view order on your conversations page. Maybe a list of subtopics they’ve
      made and they put different conversations in those folders. Users will want to revisit topics or conversations and how will they do that if it's just a massive list of conversations?

       Let’s say I explore categories and choose
      technology as a topic. It gives me 12 other sub topics and a choice to see
      more. At some point in time there will be thousands of topics. How will that be
      organized and navigated? Will people simply have to search with the search
      section? It’d be nice if you could just search within a section. I still like
      the idea of being able to see the whole list of topics like in Adventure Rider.
      It allows faster searching yet you can still find something serendipitously. It
      could be an alternative way to search from the current way you are planning.

      Formatting issue

      I typed most of this up on a Word document then pasted it here. The results were terrible and I had to make quite a few changes to fix the formatting and sentences, spaces and so on. It shouldn't be such a problem. Are you aware of this issue?

    • Homepage today is just a single feed of everything that is happening on Cake. But, as you've pointed out, this model will not scale once there are many more users and conversations. We've been planning to gradually start to segment the "Home" into sub-feeds that you can quickly swipe through. We will start with just two: "For You" and "Everything". Those are the most important in showing relevant conversations but also help serendipitous discovery.

      Once "For You" and "Everything" is rolled out, we then want to allow people to "bookmark" a specific category or topic as their sub-feed. This way you can open Cake and see feeds of conversations you are interested in without browsing through to those pages. This is something that is early in development but here is the long-term vision:

    You've been invited!