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    • In the past I have used Seal Skinz socks and been really impressed so at a motorcycle event a few years back in Europe a seller was selling these gloves.

      To me it seemed like a no brainer, they fit well, I knew the brand...what's not to like.

      What my brain didn't register that it was a bone dry day, which is an important factor when buying gloves that are waterproof...its not the conditions you'll be in when you need them

      A week or so later it begins to rain, I grab said gloves, my hands now slightly damp, really struggle to get in the gloves, Seal Skinz proprietary waterproof material grabs at my skin and it is a reall struggle to get them on.

      Later when it's time to take the off, my hands are not completely dry as you'd expect. At that point I wasn't sure if it was maybe sweat or a little moisture had leaked through.

      As I pulled my hand out the liner came with it, this then became a battle to get the fingers back into the finger slots, not too much after after only wearing them a few times, the stitching that hold the velcro strap came apart

      All in all a bad experience, and a solid F

      Their Socks I still give an 'A'

    • Agree, their socks are great.

      Thanks for the glove report. That might have saved me some coin. I have been a HELD glove aficionado for many years. Once you find THAT glove company that works for you, it's hard to switch.

    • AeroStitch's plain old un-dyed Elkskin Roper's work better for me than anything I've tried in fifty years. Size them a tad looser than your usual snug-fitting moto-specific gloves and they'll be warmer in cold conditions, cooler in hot temperatures, won't stain fingers black when wet, and dry without shrinking. Add a pair of Andy Goldfine's Triple-Digit Raincovers for all-day rain protection and/or a wind barrier and additional thermal layer, and you're good to go. Oh, heated grips for the bike, too.

    • I've been procrastinating on the Roper for years. A friend wore them on the IDBDR 3 years ago. It snowed on June! His hands were warm and toasty. Mine were freezing and wet inside my HELD summer gloves. I learned my lessen on that trip, pack cold weather gloves for the PNW, in in the dead of summer!

    • I used to pack cold weather gloves, warm weather gloves and rain gloves. Now just the Ropers and Triple Digit Raincovers. The trick for me was choosing Roper's about a half size larger than felt 'normal' at first. The extra insulating airspace around the fingers makes them cooler when it's really hot and warmer when it's cold. The light, natural elkskin color adsorbs less heat in sunlight and drys without shrinking after riding in showers should I not bother stopping to don the covers for a shower. The somewhat goofy looking rain covers fold down to almost nothing, slip into a pocket or tankbag and being wind and waterproof and with lots of airspace around the gloves easily add 15 degree's or more to the lower comfort range of the ropers.

    • Based on your review i ordered, I like the idea of in my hydration pack to have GoreTex socks, GoreTex over pants and now these over-gloves and the weight is basically not even noticeable, for all of them combined.

    • Originally I got them as easily-packable rain gloves and was happily surprised to find that they work as wind barrier and additional insulation in cold temperatures. Sorta like 'hippo hands' lite. Ended up getting a short-gauntlet pair as well. It only takes lowering your arms once at a stop when riding in moderate rain to learn why you might prefer the gauntlets under your rain-proof jacket sleeves.

    • I got the full gaunlets, I don't feel the cold too much, so I figured when I need them, I'll really need them so get the full deal. I really like that you mentioned that are good at adding a little warmth. As on my dirt bike, there's no heated grips!