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    • johnguestjr

      I want to make upgrades to the subject computer. I would like to do the work myself but I don’t fully trust my ability to get the job done right. I rather pay to have it done properly. The recent news coming out of WWDC has me deciding to wait until Apple releases something special or going to get a souped up chees-grater from iPower Resellers. I’m looking for some input here. Can I trust the Geek Squad to put in maxed out RAM and a 512GB SSD? I appreciate any help. TIA.

    • Vilen

      I would say definitely go for it. I'm still using a 27" iMac (Late 2009) that I have upgraded with 512GB SSD and maxed out with 16GB RAM running Mac OS 10.11 (El Capitan). I took it to a local Central Computers shop who took a few days to upgrade it.

      Those 2 upgrades made it significantly faster and a joy to use. Can't believe this computer at almost 10 years old still holds its ground.

    • marchyman

      Speaking of WWDC... the upcoming version of macOS will not run on an iMac older than Late 2012. If running the latest version of the OS is important to you a new machine might be in order. My iMac makes the cut for now. On the other hand my laptop (circa 2010) doesn't. It's been mostly relegated to a "guest" computer so visitors can check their email, etc. Guests will have to live with the older OS. I don't travel with a laptop any more so there is no need to replace it with something newer.

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