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    • Homecoming isn't even on my radar, to be honest. I respect Beyonce and all that she's done, but she's not someone I follow closely.

      What I am watching right now is Diagnosis, Glow, Mindhunter season 2, The Sinner season 2, The Family, Killer Ratings (all on Netflix). Then it's Yellowstone, Upstart Crow, & The Terror season 2 (I bought them all via Google). When I'm feeling masochistic, I check out The Weekly & I Am The Night (which is about the Black Dahlia murders, based on the podcast Root of Evil, which is impossible not to finish once you start it) on Hulu. And I'm watching Last Week Tonight with John Oliver & Succession season 2 on HBO. I tore through The Boys & Fleabag on Amazon Prime and loved them. And then there's the assorted movies I end up buying on Vudu to stay on top of whatever else piques my interest.

      Currently I'm reading a Louis L'Amour novel, Mojave Crossing. It's not bad, but it reads a bit like it's intended audience is younger than my demographic. I'm thinking of next reading Robert Caro's novel, The Power Broker or Spearhead by Adam Makos, which I heard about from the Art of Manliness podcast. I loved Adam's last novel, A Higher Call, which I read a few years ago, so this should be a great follow up story about tank battles during World War 2.

    • Wow, I don’t know how I’ll ever keep up with you. I guess I just end up cherry picking.

      I did watch American Factory on Netflix. Very interesting but not exactly a cheerful doc.