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    • In 2016, Gordon Biersch produced San Jose Shark's "Chum" beer.

      In 2018, there is a San Jose Shark's Ice Cream that is just in time for playoffs.

    • Yeah for some reason I'm not a fan of mint and chocolate together... How ever I had some pistachio ice cream for the first time in a long time the other day they could of went that route and I would of happily tried some!

      I'm a Sabres' fan but recently haven't been paying too much attention to hockey, both because the Sabres are awful and every 7 years they shut down the league... after the first one I was like go players... after the second I was like... OK i'm over this.

      With that being said the Sharks were always a close second favorite team that I paid attention to.. So Go Sharks! Although it will be sad to see Vegas lose if that's how the series shakes out!

    • I apparently seem to be the only one that thinks this ice cream sounds delicious. Might just have to go hunt this down. Mint and chocolate in any combo pretty much gets a gold star from me. If I can find it locally in one of my markets, I’ll report back.