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    • I grew up in Halifax, and a family friend loved on the waterfront with a view of Oak Island. I've always been fascinated by the idea of the Money Pit, even though I'm pretty convinced it's just a 200 year series of wild goose chases. 😂

      If you like the Templar angle, you may enjoy hunting down a copy of the book Holy Grail Across the Atlantic. It's a fun read.

    • My Dad had read about Oak Island from Readers Digest about 40 years ago or so. He was absolutely fascinated by it and now that it's available to stream on Hulu, he's been checking it out every now and then. I've given it a go as well and while the mystery is exciting, each episode feels a bit like Geraldo Rivera opening Al Capone's Vaults. You get all into the mythos of what they're talking about and the history, but then are let down by the results. I sincerely do hope that they find something, as I know the brothers who are the hosts of the show are financing it all themselves. And they do pose interesting questions of why the structures they're investigating below the ground were built and how and all that. But it doesn't make the most captivating TV.

    • Makes me think a bit of the reddit obsession with "the safe". People love exploring mysteries and finding treasures - you could say that The Curse of Oak Island is the ultimate unboxing video! It would help if Oak Island wasn't one of the most challenging places to get anything dug up in nearly the whole the words of one of the YouTube commenters on the below video: "It's amazing to me that it took 3 seasons before they got a ROV into the shaft. Really?"