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    • Plus 7 helps share stories of games for good - education, for instance, as highlighted in your episode with ICivics: Games, or fitness, as in your episode with Side Quest Fitness! What are some other recurring themes that you feature?

    • Games + psychology is an undercurrent of the entire show. Nearly every episode has something to do with it since we are starting to understand so much better how games affect us. This manifests in a lot of ways, particularly in the area of mental health.

      Games have been associated with poor mental health for a long time. But now that people are abandoning stereotypes and using science, the multitude of benefits of gaming for your mental health are astounding: helping everyday people manage their mood, alleviating symptoms of anxiety and depression, providing solace in the face of loss, and even being prescribed by counselors as a part of treatment. It's truly astonishing.

      I did a whole series on Games + Mental Health for Season 2. Even Season 1 had a bunch of episodes about it.

      I also like talking about how games lead to unusual careers (like a virtual archaeologist), or how people use skills/attitudes learned in video games in their real lives.

    • Yes! I see listeners getting in touch with charities and organizations and it warms my heart.

      Take This is a great example, they have been pioneers for lots of people to get a better handle on their own mental health and to support people around them in the gaming community.

      This last season in particular has had me featuring a lot of non-profits. This show not only allows me to chat with some of the people I most admire, but I get a chance to support them by echoing their message. It is very fulfilling to be able to contribute to so many different causes, when I definitely couldn't do so with my wallet. And it gives an added purpose to growing the show.

      I am especially proud when I get to introduce one of my guests to the work of another guest, to see those worlds collide and combine. Since gamers often feel alone, there are so many people working out there with similar goals and passions who haven't found each other yet. it's great to be the bridge.

    • You often mention during your show the versatility of game theory. What are some applications you hope to see that you haven’t come across yet in your show?

    • There is so much to talk about that I haven't covered yet or only with a glancing blow.

      Games + . . .









      Just to name a few off the top of my head.

      The opportunities are boundless - that's not an exaggeration. We've already talked about how games have addressed grief, genocide, identity - in the most unlikely places imaginable, games are making a difference.

      I'd love to cover more personal stories, as well. Luckily, there are great shows like Heavily Pixelated that are already doing a fantastic job on that front.

    • The Games + Education series still has a ways to go, so look forward to more episodes on that in the coming weeks.

      After that . . .

      Honestly, my guests this season have been so incredible, that I'm still working on exactly how best to follow the act. I've been fortunate enough to be able to go through most of my "dream guests" already!

      But in the process of making the show, I discover so much that I'll never run out of incredible gamers to talk to.

      You can expect some more deep dives with focused series, since this allows me to dig deeper than other shows can.

      And expect to see the show in more places with new partnerships. When I started the show, it was just a crazy idea. But now it is something that is resonating with people, so growth and expansion is what needs to happen.

    • Even if you don't know how podcasts work, my website will let you listen to every episode on desktop or mobile. That is simply

      You may not know it, but if you have an Apple device or Spotify, you already have a way to listen and subscribe!

      You can find links for those, as well as most other podcast platforms on that homepage.

      Here are few direct links, too.

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      You can find the show on Twitter: @7_intelligence

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      I'd love to hear what Cake readers think of the show and about how games have impacted their world.