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    • Games + psychology is an undercurrent of the entire show. Nearly every episode has something to do with it since we are starting to understand so much better how games affect us. This manifests in a lot of ways, particularly in the area of mental health.

      Games have been associated with poor mental health for a long time. But now that people are abandoning stereotypes and using science, the multitude of benefits of gaming for your mental health are astounding: helping everyday people manage their mood, alleviating symptoms of anxiety and depression, providing solace in the face of loss, and even being prescribed by counselors as a part of treatment. It's truly astonishing.

      I did a whole series on Games + Mental Health for Season 2. Even Season 1 had a bunch of episodes about it.

      I also like talking about how games lead to unusual careers (like a virtual archaeologist), or how people use skills/attitudes learned in video games in their real lives.