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    • For those who don't know, Cam Adair heads GameQuitters, an organization that provides support for gaming addicts and promotes awareness of the potential dangers of games on having a healthy lifestyle.
      To fans of games, even the concept of gaming addiction can be controversial.
      Oddly enough, while I expected that episode to turn into a debate, Cam and I seemed to have so much in common that our differences didn't seem as important to talk about. We mostly talked about our desire for gamers to lead the lives they want, free of whatever was holding them back - and that the role of gaming in their lives was something to be introspective about.
      That is one of the magical things about having a show where I get to talk to people from all walks of life.

      The feedback from that show was exclusively positive - most grateful for having a different perspective represented.

      That was Season 2 Episode 3.

      The most controversial feedback I received an an episode was where I asked some questions about the financial relationship that some game publishers have to weapons manufacturers. I got a review calling my show "propaganda." I'm quite proud of that.