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    • Yes! I see listeners getting in touch with charities and organizations and it warms my heart.

      Take This is a great example, they have been pioneers for lots of people to get a better handle on their own mental health and to support people around them in the gaming community.

      This last season in particular has had me featuring a lot of non-profits. This show not only allows me to chat with some of the people I most admire, but I get a chance to support them by echoing their message. It is very fulfilling to be able to contribute to so many different causes, when I definitely couldn't do so with my wallet. And it gives an added purpose to growing the show.

      I am especially proud when I get to introduce one of my guests to the work of another guest, to see those worlds collide and combine. Since gamers often feel alone, there are so many people working out there with similar goals and passions who haven't found each other yet. it's great to be the bridge.