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    • Even if you don't know how podcasts work, my website will let you listen to every episode on desktop or mobile. That is simply

      You may not know it, but if you have an Apple device or Spotify, you already have a way to listen and subscribe!

      You can find links for those, as well as most other podcast platforms on that homepage.

      Here are few direct links, too.

      Apple Podcasts | Android | Spotify | Stitcher 

      (Pro tip: if you have Alexa and Spotify, just say "Alexa, play Plus 7 Intelligence podcast" to start listening to the latest episode)

      You can find the show on Twitter: @7_intelligence

      Join the community Discord for the show, a chat room where we discuss the show, games we're playing, and just hang out! +7 Intelligence Discord Channel

      I'd love to hear what Cake readers think of the show and about how games have impacted their world.