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    • Young Model Miranda tosses her hair around during our catalog fashion shoot to challenge everyone's creative ability and bring a little fun into the shoot.

      This was initially shot on a white background. The first goal was to create a foundation pose upon which other elements from additional images could be added. Besides flipping her hair, Miranda had to be aware of her facial expression especially when she was facing the camera. The foundation pose was created by having Miranda face away from the camera and whirl around counter clockwise and face the camera.

      The butterfly background was selected from a collection of Austin, Texas street art I have photographed. The flying hair and wide butterfly wings seemed to match up well.

      The foundation image was taken with 7 strobes - 2 large diffused umbrellas, front, left/right; 2 strip boxes left/right slightly behind and shooting toward model's back and side; 2 bare bulb strobes left/right pointing back to seamless paper background and flagged with black cine foil; 1 small overhead softbox on boom for hair light. The background and overhead lights were set at about a 7/10th stop brighter than the main two front lights. The strip boxes were set about 1 stop of light less than the front lights.

      This composite image was edited in Photoshop and LIghtroom.


      Model/Wardrobe: Miranda Waldron Curry 
      Makeup/Hair: Priscila Bustos 
      Studio Owner/Photographer's A
      ssistant: Monica Smith
      Juju Smith / jujufotofactory 

      Photographer: Paul Johnston

      #catalog #fashion #model #modelshoot #composite #streetart