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    • I do sports that have increased chance of getting a concusion and want to get baseline testing but have heard that there's lots of quacks or unrealiable information out there. How do I find a trusted doctor to do baseline testing? I've had a couple of concussions before and think it'd be a good idea to get tested. I guess I should probably start by asking my doctor but it wouldn't hurt to have some basic information about it first.

    • Here's one news article I'm reading now:

      I remember watching a supercross race once where the racer hit his head pretty hard on the ground. He had had baseline testing beforehand and was checked by the medical staff to see how his functioning was after the crash. They said he tested fine. He then went out for the next race but didn't feel well and had to pull off. That made me lose confidence in baselining. But maybe it's not 100% effective but can identify really bad.... I really don't know and need somebody who knows about this.
      This is something I found that's being done with supercross riders. Motocross is the main way I'm likely to get another concussion so I figured I'd check what the pros do. It'd be easier to just do nothing...

    • We have a request for access to Cake from an ex-49er free safety who retired after a year due to safety concerns about his brain. Great guy. He was rookie of the week at least twice during the season he played. Can't wait to let him in but we want to have some more things working before he joins. He has dedicated himself to brain research since retiring.

    You've been invited!