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    • Not to put too fine a point on it, but that will be "go @#$% yourselves"-levels of pissed for some people. And "we're small and all of us are full-Apple people" won't be at all assuaging -- neither will "we thought an app important enough to actually build one, but Android folks can just go ahead and use their browser."

      Probably too late now, but I suppose you might have built a React Native app, to speed up an Android release.

    • Jumping into this late but caching/buffering is now doable in mobile browsers via the Service Worker spec. Apple was the holdout and they got it implemented in non-WKWebkitView mobile Safari in the iOS 11.3 or 11.4 release.

    • Some of that is legitimate so we probably will take it on the chin for doing iOS first. We interviewed both Android and iOS devs, but by chance the iOS devs were willing to join us but not the Android devs we knew. We didn’t think we had enough resources to build two teams.

      Having said that, in the day we looked closely at React Natve and a wrapper app like Slack started with, but chose to go fully native. Things have come a long way since then so now we’re looking hard at other options besides fully native to get something sooner.