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    • I've read Guns, Germs & Steel as well as Collapse and found them to be very easy to read and fascinating. I'm going to guess that a number of other people on Cake have read at least one of his books too. What did you think of his work?

    • I think he's incredible. I read the same two books and I often wonder how to rank them in terms of books that really moved me. Top 20?

      I went to one of his lectures when he was on tour promoting Collapse. The lecture was in an enormous, packed event center at De Anza College. He spoke for maybe 45 mins and answered questions for another 45. The MC collected written questions from the audience, chose the best, and read them to Jared. I don't think I've ever seen anyone answer questions like he can. So clear, so concise, so compelling.

      There is another book like Jared's that I read recently, Sapiens, which is really powerful too. I read it because it was near the top of the reading lists for Obama, Gates and Zuckerberg.

    • It would have been quite the experience to meet or see Diamond speak in person.

      I came across that book Sapiencs recently when I was looking to for a book about human evolution or physical anthropology but read Born in Africa instead. It's by Martin Meredith and is more about the physical development leading up to humans. Your post made me revisit a review of Sapiens and has me thinking about giving it a read. "So many books and so little time" is something I frequently say and this just adds to it. Thanks for sharing Chris.

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