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    • Totally agree, in this day and age for IT and Software workers to be hustled every day into a brick & mortar building is, unless they are responsible for physical hardware work on a regular basis, redundant and frustrating. I don't buy into the productivity enhancing value of "water cooler conversations" or being able to barge over at someone's desk without prior scheduling or consideration for what they are focused on. I think one of the main reasons remote work was previously frowned upon, seen as being lesser "engaged" and "productive", was more because of the old adage "The eye of the proprietor fattens the cow" old school concept. But these days the cow can be fattened much easier by simply running some reports yet it always does take skilled managerial oversight to distinguish actual work value vs. noise.

      Setting up a nice home office, with all the right equipment and environment is a beautiful thing! I've built mine over years such that it's nicer than any office I've worked in before. And I've once used to work in a place that was boasting a $60,000 "designer" fish tank at the reception desk.