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    • I startled when I read Night Manager for a second because it reminded me of Knightcrawler. You've probably all seen it, but if not, oh. Damn.

    • I watched a trailer for the Hotel Artemis, but it left me feeling meh about the story. I blame the trailer 😉.

      However based on your recommendation, I will check it out. It reminds me a bit of John Wick, which I loved. Too bad if it only grossed 7M in the theatres.

    • The first thing I thought of when the movie was described to me (pre the trailer) was the hotel chain in the John Wick stories. I thought at the time "You beauty!"

      Turns out it isn't the same, but it still looks good. And Jodie looks like she actually might be acting instead of sleepwalking, which she has unfortunately been doing in the last couple of movies she has been (IMO).

    • If y'all at all interested in weird, half french movies, check this out.. may be hard to get by someone used to Hollywood style..

    • Thank you Victoria - I found Hotel Artemis on Amazon video rental tonight and I loved the movie - great character development and great acting, and lots of exciting action as well

    • Well... I finally had some time to watch the movie and thoroughly enjoyed it.

      I've never before spotted an easter egg in the movie from a first viewing, but this one jumped at me like a flashlight in cave.

      In the last scene of the Hotel Artemis, the name on top of the main power reserve switch is "Covfefe" spelled in Russian.

    • Ha! I watched some of it the other night. My first thought as, why did Jodie Foster make it? I was less interested than you were, after about 45 minutes I skipped forward.