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    • Good point. It is a recently created topic (a few days ago) so it has no followers yet. Doesn't it feel too broad?

      The other two topics Retro Gaming and Console Gaming are lot more specific.

      What about Games vs Gaming? We could combine them into one.

      Thanks for pointing out this topical issue 🙏

    • gaming is pretty meaningless as a topic. Several people here identify as ‘gamers’ but if II said I mostly liked trad game campaigns but am open to a one-shot of almost anything, and only face to face, would that have much meaning for for anyone?

    • I have to agree with @Apocryphal. There are board games. There are paper and pen games. There is minature gaming. There are desktop games. There are MMORGs. Even if limited to only one medium, the problem remains. People who love 4X games like Endless Legend may not like puzzle games like Opus Magnum. (Which if you have never tried, @Vilen, I recommend looking at a Youtube play through of it. You might like it.) People who like RT FPS games make not like turned based games especially those where you have to wait for several minutes for your opponent to make his/her play.

      The biggest problem, in my opinion, is that Cake has not yet scaled. If the user base ever expand exponentially, niche topics will be more necessary.