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    • Welcome to Cake, jim! 🎂 Good thing you got here early in our evolution to snag that username.

      WHAT?! Your wife made this Monster book Cake!!?

      👆 Lots of different views of that awesome cake.

      Not convinced anyone would be interested? I love this channel How to Cake it, 4 million subscribers. This video got a million views. The Cake team can tell you I bought my fav hoodie from Yolanda that says "Okay, but first cake." I get tons of comments on it wherever I go.

    • Yep. That was hers. It was on the frontpage of reddit and she still isn't convinced. Hopefully she'll come around soon. We're doing a Game of Thrones cake in a few months that I'm really excited about.

    • I have two different fb friends who occasionally post photos of their cake-decorating escapades and get all sorts of supportive feedback from fb friends as a result. One of them signed up for “Cakes 4 Kids” (something like that), a nonprofit that gives hobbyists cake decorating themes and the hobbyists then make special birthday cakes with those themes for local kids who otherwise wouldn’t get a birthday cake at all. Pretty cool.

    • I was perusing YouTube the other day and noticing the glitter bomb video was #1 on Trending with 29 million views two days after it's release. Yay!

      But scrolling down a half a page on trending I was surprised to see How To Cake It. See? You can tell your wife people are interested.