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    • I figured a cake was appropriate for my first Cake conversation...

      My wife has been decorating cakes since she was 11 years old. These days she has been building gnarly creations like this Monster Book of Monsters cake:

      I'm trying to talk her into doing some YouTube videos but she's just not convinced that anyone would be interested.

    • Welcome to Cake, jim! 🎂 Good thing you got here early in our evolution to snag that username.

      WHAT?! Your wife made this Monster book Cake!!?

      👆 Lots of different views of that awesome cake.

      Not convinced anyone would be interested? I love this channel How to Cake it, 4 million subscribers. This video got a million views. The Cake team can tell you I bought my fav hoodie from Yolanda that says "Okay, but first cake." I get tons of comments on it wherever I go.

    • Yep. That was hers. It was on the frontpage of reddit and she still isn't convinced. Hopefully she'll come around soon. We're doing a Game of Thrones cake in a few months that I'm really excited about.

    • I have two different fb friends who occasionally post photos of their cake-decorating escapades and get all sorts of supportive feedback from fb friends as a result. One of them signed up for “Cakes 4 Kids” (something like that), a nonprofit that gives hobbyists cake decorating themes and the hobbyists then make special birthday cakes with those themes for local kids who otherwise wouldn’t get a birthday cake at all. Pretty cool.

    • I was perusing YouTube the other day and noticing the glitter bomb video was #1 on Trending with 29 million views two days after it's release. Yay!

      But scrolling down a half a page on trending I was surprised to see How To Cake It. See? You can tell your wife people are interested.