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    • I started in the world of photography using my camera to document the places I saw on my travels, to share places with friends and family. I still have a passion for landscape photography but I also have a fascination for flowers and have added macro photography as a second passion.

      It's cold in the northeast (USA) right now, not a good time for seeking flowers. Luckily there are some indoor places that welcome those of us hungry for floral color. Last Thursday I headed to the greenhouses of Lyman Estate to visit the flowers.

      It isn't a prime blooming time right now (even in the greenhouse!) but there were sufficient flowers to satisfy my winter need for color.

      What feeds your passions?

    • lovely image Denise. In the middle of summer in this part of the world. When I’m not out photographing people on the street. I’m usually shooting flowers and other green stuff up close. (Usually without the color 😂)

    • Thank you! I feel lucky to have some indoor places where I can visit flowers in the off season. Glad you have flowers outdoors now!

    • Not an indoor flower but you inspired me to walk around the neighborhood to take some pics the other day. Winter in the Bay Area still means some flowers. I have a dozen more from that walk I guess I should post.

    • Oh, now you're making me jealous! I would love to have flowers outside in the winter but since I like New England I have to make do with inside flowers this time of year.

      I'd love to see more of your flowers.

    • Yesterday I felt a need for flowers and color so I again headed to the greenhouses at the Lyman Estate.

      I know, I know, I said I needed color but this pure white cyclamen jumped out at me!

    • One of the greenhouses is a home for camellias. It's not yet prime bloom time but there were some sporting beautiful flowers.

    • I've been fascinated by this flower since I first saw it a few years back. It looks like someone went wild with paints!

      This is known as Queen's tears, with a proper name of Billbergia nutans.

    • While it really wasn't prime blooming season in the greenhouse there was enough color (and small flowers) popping up to make me happy.

      Do you have a favorite out-of-season place to look for flowers and color?

    • Beautiful, Denise. I walked around the block this morning with Only my iPhone and saw lots of flowers. The silver lining of climate change in the U.S., I guess.

    • I envy your outside flowers! Although maybe it's good that I need to schedule time with flowers in the cold season here - and I am lucky that there are some indoor flowers available to feed my flower needs.