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    • Like all things that are alive on Earth, viruses evolve. (Yes I know an argument can be made that viruses aren’t alive but they do evolve so I’ll move on) Let’s say you choose to visit friends or family over the holidays or did something a bit covid risky that didn’t need to be done. You picked up the virus...and it mutated inside you such that this new mutated version was immune to the current vaccines that have been developed or are in development. Then you passed on the virus and it spread. Dang you and you alone could have cost the world trillions of dollars. I wouldn’t say you could be held accountable in a court of law but dang you have the potential to mess things up. Hmm, should I go grab some milk from the store? Should I stop by my sister’s to say hi? Should I go do an outdoor activity with my friend? Uh...think I’ll wait. Merry Christmas.

    • I think the best thing we can all do to prevent pandemics is stop eating animals. And the best thing for preserving the planet.