Baba Yaga, the ugly but benevolent witch, definitely seems like a good picture of democracy. .. My expectations for democracy are tempered within the context Karl Poppler used to introduce his work, The Open Society and It’s Enemies. On one side, we have Plato, the conservative thinker, wishing for a strong leader to command everything outside those innate platonic duties that command being (whatever they are). Opposed to Plato, Pericles of Athens speaks for the liberal majority, ceding power to the voting masses. ... within that context, I expect a democracy to be a constant push/pay reality, consistent with contradictions, where anyone is free to shout “I am democracy” or “we are democracy.” Democracy, to me, is freedom and open thought just as it is fascism and oppression. Democracy can be anything to anyone, and so I expect nothing and everything from it. The best I can do is engage! engage! engage!